I am shocked at how well this product works.

- Erika
Boulder, CO

I am an esthetician who tried a sample of Nutrifoliant. I've used it two times,and I absolutely love it! I could already see the difference after the first use! Feels great going on as well, and smells good. I believe this product alone can change your skin completely. Where can I get more??! ;)

Chico, CA

I've always had stubborn white heads under the skin that I can never get rid of. Nutrifoliant is the only product that I've found that works! It not only cleared up my stubborn white heads, but the blemishes on my chin and around my mouth were gone the next morning after using Nutrifoliant.

- Janice
Chico, CA

My daughter had a sudden acne problem at the age of 21 years. She tried Proactiv as well as medications prescribed by a dermatologist, without success. It wasn't until she used Nutrifoliant that her skin began to clear. She also had a very positive experience with the esthetician at Born Again Skin, who provided affordable, yet beneficial skin care services.

- K. Cox
Chico, CA

I have used Nutrifoliant for only five days, and my skin is already ten times better.

- Ryan
Los Angeles, CA

Love it. Love it. Love it. I can't believe the changes in my skin. This is an amazing product.

- Nancy
Boston, MA

Thank you! My skin has never looked like this.

- Leaha, Licensed Esthetician
Chico, CA

I have only used it a few times, but I really do see a difference in my skin.

- Nicole
Denver, CO

I could not wait to tell you how much I like your Nutrifoliant. All of a sudden, my friends are asking me what I have been using on my skin.

- Sandra
Chico, CA

This product is amazing. My face feels so much more firm and smoother from the first use. I love the fact that I can use it with my favorite cleanser. What a refresher this is to my daily facial cleaning routine.

- Dawn
Denver, CO

I love this product! You can add it to any cleanser, and you have an exfoliant that is gentle enough to use daily. Genius!

- Natalie, Pilates Instructor
Chico, CA

I have been using Nutrifoliant once a day for about a week now. I love the fresh, clean feeling it leaves on my face and neck. My skin feels healthier, and my pores look smaller than they did before. It is wonderful to have one product that does it all, instead of having three or four different steps that take 20 minutes to complete! Also, it doesn't cost me as much, because I don't have to buy an exfoliant, a mask, a pore reducer, a toner, etc. This one product does it all! Thank you Susan for creating this product!

- Leanne, Licensed Cosmetologist
Chico, CA

Nutrifoliant feels great on my face. It's the best exfoliant I've come across, and my skin really felt clean and soft after using it.

- Kirsten
Chico, CA

I use Nutrifoliant every morning on my face. This stuff makes my skin feel smoother and it starts my day off with healthy looking skin.

- Kurt, engineer
Chico, CA

Nutrifoliant is a great way to exfoliate my skin. I like the fact that it's not just another 'feel good' factor, but it's very beneficial to my skin. My skin craves it. Also, the ingredients are all natural.

- Nicki, Licensed Esthetician
Chico, CA

I am so thankful for Nutrifoliant. It is full of vitamins and it turns my facial cleanser into a gentle exfoliation treatment. My skin feels healthier every time I use it. When it is water-activated, the vitamins in the formula are released, leaving my skin feeling fresher, smoother and radiant. I love the fact that this product is free from chemicals and other harsh ingredients that are in so many skin care products for women. I highly recommend Nutrifoliant to anyone looking for anti-aging benefits in a natural skin care product.

- Tina
Sacramento, CA

I have used Nutrifoliant for over six months, and the results in my skin are amazing, even from the first use. The best thing about this product is that it has so many vitamins in it, and that I can use it with any cleanser I want. I did not have to buy a new one. I just added Nutrifoliant to the one I had. Very economical and powerful.

- Laura, Yoga Instructor
Chico, CA

This is an amazing product. I saw the effects after the first use. It enhances my skin tone and the fragrance is like aromatherapy. I love it.

- Dixie, Real Estate Agent
Chico, CA

AMAZING stuff. My skin is definitely undergoing transformation.

- Amelia
Willows, CA

I received a few samples of your facial cleanser booster, and I have to admit, I was shocked at the result! Thank you so much for introducing me to a great product (and most importantly creating)!! This is amazing.

- Natsumi
Los Angeles, CA

I love your product! My skin has never been better. I haven't had it for a few weeks, so I tried other exfoliating scrubs from Origins, and they are not nearly as good.

- Kate
Denver, CO

I just had to tell you that the acne I have had for years is almost gone after using Nutrifoliant for two weeks. Nothing has ever working this well on my skin, and I work for a skin care company.

- Josie
Colorado Springs, CO

Relief from blackheads. An at-home professional facial. Amazing tone and clarity.

I want to tell you that my mother-in-law uses Nutrifoliant every day. She really loves the stuff and her skin looks so smooth and with relief from blackheads.

I really like Nutrifoliant as well. When I first used the product, my skin reacted with immediate smoothness. I now have very smooth skin with more even tone and an amazing clarity. This product is my at home version of a professional facial.

I am a well-known product junkie, beauty addict and have committed my life to trying and researching products. I really think you have created something very unique with winning results.

- Victoria, Make-up artist
Denver, CO

I just wanted to update you to say that I'm using Nutrifoliant regularly now, and the hyperpigmentation has gotten so much better! Thanks for your help. :)

Chico, CA

My acne got much worse when I entered medical school. I have free access to the best dermatologists, but nothing has worked like Nutrifoliant. My skin is nearly clear.

- Nicole,
Philadelphia, PA

I have been using Nutrifoliant daily for over two years, and I love it every day. Each time I use Nutrifoliant I know that I am doing something really great for my skin. Consequently, my skin feels fresh, firm, nourished and naturally hydrated all of the time. Even though my skin is super sensitive, I never see redness or other signs of harshness using Nutrifoliant. The daily use of Nutrifoliant has strengthened my sensitive skin, leaving it stimulated, rejuvenated and healthy. Lines and wrinkles have definitely diminished, and I really do not see any new signs of aging.

- Peggy,
Chico, CA

Because I have Rosacea, I have been very cautious about using any exfoliant that might trigger a negative reaction or outbreak. I am thrilled to say that Nutrifoliant is a gentle, yet powerful product that has only positive effects on my face. I use it every day now. My skin has never looked better.

- Sue Ann,

Since I started using Nutrifoliant, my friends have commented on how great my skin looks. So now, many of my friends are happily using Nutrifoliant. They are seeing impressive results as well. Hooray!

- Pattie,
Chico, CA