Instructions for Use

Girl washing face 1

In palm of your hand, mix equal portions of Nutrifoliant and your facial cleanser, making a paste.


Apply to face, neck, and chest area with gentle circular motion for at least a minute. This allows time for the dermabrasion crystals to gently remove dead skin cells and for the nutrients to penetrate into the lower layers of skin. Apply additional Nutrifoliant™ and/or cleanser as needed. Avoid eye area.


Allow to dry for a few minutes for deeper penetration of nutrients. Rinse off in shower in order to completely remove dermabrasion crystals.


Follow with usual moisturizer, serum or toner.

Note: The powdered nutrients in Nutrifoliant™ should be protected from heat, air, light and moisture prior to mixing. Therefore, it is best to mix and apply Nutrifoliant™ at your bathroom vanity prior to entering shower (where moisture may enter the Nutrifoliant™ container)